Ramammams Receives Cow and Calf from Chalice Gift Catalogue FundsDear Donor

Greetings from Muthyalu. I am writing to you on behalf of my sister Rajammams, since she is unable to write a letter to you. I extend my gratitude to you on behalf of my sister for helping her buy a cow. A cow and calf will help the family to earn income, which will help her to come up in life. My sister has two sons; one is in 2nd standard and the other is in 1st standard. My sister's husband died a few years ago. From the time her husband died she is going to work daily and taking care of the family. My sister approached Good Shepherd Sisters to help. Sisters have helped her to buy a cow though the help of Chalice. She too helped pay for a good cow and a calf. She can use the cow for the ploughing and get some money to educate her children. Once again thank you very much for helping her buy a cow. May the good God bless you and your family.

Thanking you,




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