Chalice Sponsor Meets ChildA Chalice supporter is reflecting on a recent visit to Ukraine. We're often asked by sponsors if they can visit their sponsored child. The simple answer is "YES" - you're welcome to visit your child in their community. Your journey starts with a simple call to your sponsor representative. From there you will be provided the information you need to make arrangements.

Suzanne Day is from Halifax and recently returned from a visit with her two sponsored children in Ukraine. Day spent two weeks at the end of the summer between our Ternopil and Lviv communities. During her time, she also visited another child sponsored by her sister and brother-in-law, who were unable to make the trip.

In Ternopil, Day met her sponsored child, 11-year-old Kateryna. She tells us that although she was shy at first, she left with the feeling that a special bond had been created between them. "Kateryna is a lovely young woman who I hope will have a brighter future with the assistance we provide through Chalice Canada. Her mother is a blessing to her, so friendly and encouraging."

Day continued her journey to the Chalice community of Lviv, where she met 11-year-old Daryna, her sister's sponsored child, and her own seven-year-old Oleksandre. Day tells us she's grateful to be able to visit. "Daryna is a sweet young woman and her parents are very loving and devoted to her care. It is nice to know that they are getting help and support through your organization at the Chalice Site in Lviv and beyond."

Her sister's sponsored child was so touched by the visit she decided to send back a perfect gift. Day tells us her sister, who lives in Atlanta, GA, was overjoyed with the lovely embroidered gifts made by Daryna's mother and sister. She received them during a recent visit with her sister in Nova Scotia.

Day says it was also such a thrill to meet her own sponsored child, Oleksandre and his mother. "He is an adorable child and eager to share with me his artistic talents. I was delighted toChalice Sponsor Travels to Ukraine to meet sponsored children see that he had done a drawing based on one of my own paintings." She adds one day she believes he will become a great artist. She says she will treasure the embroidery his mother made for her.

Upon leaving Ukraine, Day tells us she was so impressed by the dedication staff shows and pleased with the opportunity to chat and share ideas with them. She says, "I am thankful to you all - driver, translators, social workers and office staff for welcoming me and allowing me this rare opportunity to visit the site and see the good work you do. It has made me feel so much more connected to you and the children you serve."

If you're interested in visiting one of our Sponsor Sites, please call your Sponsor Representative at 1-800-776-6855 for more information. Please remember that your Chalice sponsored child may live in conditions that you may find difficult. Some useful information concerning what to wear, eat, drink, etc., is very helpful before visiting.



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