Chalice child sponsorship allows Osvaldo to achieve career dreamThanks to the help received from Chalice and his sponsor, Osvaldo finished high school and went to Agromechanic Institute of Caacupe from 2007 to 2010. He finished his studies and got an Agromechanics Degree.Thanks to Chalice he has been able to finish his degree

He is working as a Teaching Assistant in “Mecánica Cruz” shop in Caacupé to put into practice what he has learned. Caacupé is the Spiritual Capital of Paraguay, where the “Virgen de Caacupé” National Sanctuary is.

Osvaldo is living at the moment in the shop where he is working. It is noteworthy the satisfaction for his degree that this young man has, because it is difficult to become someone when family is far away. Osvaldo’s family is humble and hardworking, as all families in the countryside are, and the support that Osvaldo needed was more than just financial help, especially when distance and affection for the family are involved. His family is deeply grateful for all the help received and the interest in Osvaldo all these years, the changes and improvements in him are obvious. “Only God can repay so important a labour made with my son” were the words of his mother María.

Thanks to Chalice and the sponsor, his parents improved their life condition, they are in better health and are stronger and have saved money to improve their home.

His family raises their prayer for Chalice, and all people who make true this gift of love with noble hearts.



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