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Many of the children and elderly helped by the Arica Sponsor Site in Chile live in cardboard shelters or are single-parent families with very low incomes.
Arica is Chile's northernmost city, just 12 miles from Peru. Once part of Bolivia, Arica lies on a large bay and its port handles much of Bolivia's present-day trade. With its year-round spring-like climate and pleasant beaches, Arica has become a popular area for vacationing Chileans. It is also one of Chile's most ethnically diverse cities.

Chalice’s Arica Sponsor Site began sponsoring children and elderly through the Chalice Sponsorship Program in 2000. Sponsored children, seniors, and their families receive assistance for education, medical care, and nutrition. The goal of this Site is to improve the quality of life of those in their care and to promote human dignity in both ethical and cultural dimensions. Another goal is the promotion of social projects aimed at breaking the vicious cycle of poverty. The Site has set up workshops for families of sponsored children in order to strengthen their job skills. Respect, love, and solidarity are some of the main values of this Site.

Mission - Arica

The Arica Chalice Sponsor Site a non-profit, non-governmental organization that gives aid to children, youth and seniors at social risk by strengthening skills and abilities of male and female, heads of household, in order to meet the needs of their families, inspired by the dignity of people and based in Christian principles and values.

Sponsorship in Arica

The Chalice Sponsorship Programme promotes physical, intellectual, and social development, with the long-term goal of reintegration into society with increased self-respect as well as the skills and abilities to economically maintain themselves.



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