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Ayolas is located in southern Paraguay. It is 310 km from the capital of Asuncion, on the banks of the Parana River. The main occupations are farming, trade, and fishing.

The Chalice Ayolas Sponsor Site is managed by the Diocese of San Juan Bautista de Las Misiones in conjunction with a Council headed by the local parish priest and community members. The Site focuses on holistic and sustainable human development by addressing their socio-economic, health, cultural, educational, and spiritual needs. Their goals are to develop programs designed to improve overall quality of life; improve the formation of families by strengthening family values, respect for human rights, Christian spiritual development, and a sense of responsibility and accountability; improved access to services; strengthen the relationship between the Center for Children and Adolescents and the families who are involved. In support of these goals, the three main areas of focus are integrated education, nutrition and child health.

Mission - Ayolas

The Mission of the Chalice Ayolas Sponsor Site is to foster the integral formation of families through programs that generate a process of sustainable human development, attending to socio economic, health, and cultural deficiencies and providing Christian formation and quality of life to people involved. This contributes to the improvement of general life conditions needed by all humans with values of commitment to social development.

Sponsorship in Ayolas

The Chalice Sponsorship Program in Ayolas provides nutritious food advised by a professional nutritionist, school uniforms, shoes, school supplies as well as summer and winter jackets. Also, an after school support programs is offered, and regular medical check-ups are given, such as ophthalmology, dental, etc., and prescribed medications and treatments when needed.

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