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This is all about fulfilling a dream of life. Bahati, a Chalice sponsored child from 1999, never knew that one day she would be capable of taking care of the family and support her younger ones in their studies and other necessities of life.

A Chalice Sponsor Child Grateful for Sewing MachineAfter her birth, her father left their home and settled with another woman. Bahati’s mother having no better choice, left behind the child with her parents and married another man. That was really a painful experience for the grandparents of Bahati. Being very old, they were unable to bring up Bahati by providing good clothes, food or even primary education. While she began her nursery education she was blessed with a sponsor through Chalice (CCCI) in the year 1999. That gave a ray of hope for her grandparents. The news of the sponsorship that Bahati received brought about a great change in her life too. The mother who left her behind was willing to accept her again! She continued her education with the help of CHALICE and with the support of her stepfather. But, fate showed no mercy to her or to her family. Her stepfather, who was taking care of her and her young ones, passed away. Then the whole responsibility fell to Bertha, Bahati’s mother, to look after the large family that her second husband left behind. The sponsorship of Bahati was a great blessing for the whole family as she could use the food and other hygienic items for the good of her young ones too.

Due to the poor educational standards as well as lack of encouragement from the family,  Bahati could not pass through Standard VII. But, the sponsorship continued to support her to have a beautiful house to live in and to finish a tailoring course. In the year 2009, she completed her tailoring course and CHALICE provided her with a sewing machine. She works tirelessly knowing the reality of life that her sickly mother cannot support her family anymore. Now the reasonable income that she earns through her work supports her family and looks after the needs of her young ones without any difficulties. Bahati and her family are ever grateful to CHALICE for the beautiful house, for the assistance, for the sewing machine and above all, in her own words, “making me a capable person to fulfil the dreams of my life.”



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