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Bangladesh, located between Burma and India, is translated as 'The Country of Bengal' attributing to the bordering Bay of Bengal. The Bay of Bengal is where the rivers flowing from the Himalayas unite and empty into. The terrain is mostly flat alluvial plain, but the climate varies from mild winter from October to March, hot and humid summer from March to June and humid, warm and rainy monsoon season from June to October.

Life in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has the highest population density in the world with a population of 158 million people. The per capita income however is only $520.00; however the country's economy has grown around 5-6 percent per year since the year 1996. The unemployment rate is fairly low with only 2.5 percent of the population being unemployed. The living conditions for most people can be fairly poor because of the monsoon season which routinely floods a majority of the population. This contributes to an infant mortality rate of 50.73 deaths/1000 live births and a life expectancy rate of only 69.75 years of age.


Bangladesh has a complex three-tiered school system that is highly subsidized. Each system is divided into four main levels: primary, secondary, higher secondary and tertiary. Public education in Bangladesh is free for the first eight years. This includes a compulsory 5 years of primary education. Most children are enrolled in the primary schools, yet only 47 percent go on to secondary schools. The country has a literacy rate of 47.9 percent.

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