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Sponsor a child with Chalice in Bulacan, PhilippinesBulacan lies in the southern portion of the fertile plains of Luzon. A wide area of Bulacan is affected by floods annually. Ironically, the existing water supply system is insufficient in meeting the present demand. Bulacan Province is becoming increasingly industrialized due to its proximity to metro Manila. Since 2002, entire communities of urban poor have been forcibly relocated to Bulacan from their "squatter" shanty homes in Manila to make way for developments.

The Bulacan Chalice Sponsor Site is situated on Luzon, the largest island of the Philippine Archipelago, and has been supported by Chalice since November 1999. The Site has three locations under the direction of its founder, Fr. Boyet: (1) Bethlehem House of Bread is run by the local diocese and is home to orphaned, abandoned, and abused children ranging in age from three months to late teens. (2) Pulilan is a network of small groups that address local community issues at the grassroots level.

Mission - Bulacan

The Mission of the Chalice Bulacan Sponsor Site is to provide a holistic educational program that will equip children to become productive citizens of the community; and to provide a program which provides opportunities for families to have an adequate family income, empowerment of women, values formation and participation in the decision-making process in the community.

Sponsorship in Bulacan

Chalice sponsorship in Bulacan, Philippines provides school supplies, clothing, and fees. Each new child receives vaccinations, vitamins, and medications as needed. Each child is taught about personal hygiene and receives a kit of soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, a nail clipper, comb, and face cloth. It is replenished regularly. Family needs are also addressed through the provision of additional food supplies, skills training such as cosmetology and food processing, and micro finance groups. In order to improve their living conditions, household items are provided, such as water pitchers, kitchen utensils, plastic storage boxes to keep clothes dry, sleeping mats, pillows, blankets, etc.



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When you sponsor a child with Chalice, you provide ... educational support, including school materials, books and fees. Sponsorship also provides children with improved nutritional intake, medical care, clothing and footwear, and other basic necessities.

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