Chalice Child Sponsorship Offers Eric HopeEric was born on 25th June 1987 in the Upper West region of Ghana. Eric and his six other siblings live in Lassia Tuolu, a farming community. His parents do farming to earn a living As a result, meals for the family were difficult to come by as his parents could hardly produce enough to feed the family. His parents later moved to settle in the southern part of Ghana. Eric and his siblings were left alone at Lssia Tuolu. Life for the children therefore became difficult as they had to fend for themselves.

 At school, life was equally challenging for Eric and his siblings as they could hardly afford anything. As a result, Eric and his brothers and sisters had to engage in farming in order to fend for themselves. The absence of parental love for Eric and his siblings, coupled with the difficulties at home and in school, dampened Eric's interest in his academic work.

Eric and his siblings were therefore at the mercy of chance. Fortunately, Eric and his siblings were delivered from their predicament by Chalice. Chalice sponsored Eric and offered him and his siblings new hope and a brighter future. Eric and his siblings had successful basic and secondary education. Eric became the best pupil for his year in his junior high school and was admitted to the Nandom senior high school to study Business for his secondary education.

After completing secondary school, Eric studied Business Administration at the University of Ghana with the dream of becoming a professional accountant.



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