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During a visit to the Chalice Sponsor Site of Chiclayo, Peru, Dennis was so moved by Flor that he is now raising funds to support her and her family. Flor stepped on a nail and because she was unable to get proper medical treatment, her foot became infected and the infection was spreading throughout her body. On his first visit, Dennis found Flor to be gravely ill; however, after surgery to remove her foot, she is making a remarkable recovery. Dennis was so inspired by her determination to overcome this tragedy that he wants to help cover her medical costs and provide a safe, secure house for her and her family.

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About Chiclayo ...

Sponsor a Child in Chiclayo, PeruChiclayo enjoys a moderate climate. The Chiclayo metropolitan area has a population of nearly one million. It is located 13 km inland from the Pacific and 770 km north of Lima, Peru's capital. It is known as the “Heroic City", the “Capital of Friendship", and the "Pearl of the North”. Some problems contributing to poverty in this area include low levels of education, high unemployment, minimal access to health care, and malnutrition among children.

Centro Esperanza opened Chiclayo Project in 2003 in the Antonio Raimondi slum of the District of Victoria. It supports programs to strengthen the capacities of primary school teachers, develop the productive capacities of families, promote environmental sustainability, increase awareness of the importance of early education, provide psychological services to sponsored families, and act in solidarity with vulnerable and marginalized groups. Some significant achievements include the promotion of comprehensive early childhood development and education with a focus on gender, rights, intercultural awareness, and the environment. This Chalice Chiclayo Sponsor Site runs a Childhood Development Program which promotes capacity building and leadership skills in order to achieve a dignified life, free from violence and with equal opportunities. It contributes to the formation of Christian values so that people become agents of change in their own family and community. Centro Esperanza has also strengthened organizational capabilities that have allowed it to be more responsive to the demand from state institutions and social organizations for training and policy development in Early Childhood Education.

Mission - Chiclayo

Child Sponsorship in Chiclayo, PeruProject Chiclayo is run by the Hope Centre (Centro Esperanza), inspired by ethic and Christian values, and supported by Chalice, which promotes the holistic development of children and their families, as well as strengthening their capacity to organize themselves for leadership, to attain a dignified life, one free of violence and with better opportunities that permits them to be agents of change in their personal, family and community lives.

Sponsorship in Chiclayo

Chalice sponsorship impacts lives in Chiclayo, PeruThe goals of the Chalice Chiclayo Sponsor Site are to promote and foster the integral development of children by improving their quality of life and incorporating into their families a process of formation and education. Children receive improved nutritional intake and access to better health care. As sponsored children become teens they enter into a program specifically designed for that age group.



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When you sponsor a child with Chalice, you provide ... educational support, including school materials, books and fees. Sponsorship also provides children with improved nutritional intake, medical care, clothing and footwear, and other basic necessities.

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