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About Chile

Chile occupies the long, narrow strip between Argentina, and Peru, west of the Andes Mountains, along the Pacific coast of South America. The terrain varies from low coastal mountains, a fertile central valley, and rugged Andes in the east. The climate is mostly temperate; with desert in the north, Mediterranean-like temperatures in the central region, and cool, damp weather in the south.

Life in Chile

Of the estimated 17.5 million people living in Chile, around 19% live below the poverty line. The economy of Chile is centred on exports such as copper, fruit, and fish. The economy was severely hampered by the February 2010 8.8 earthquake, one of the top ten strongest earthquakes ever recorded. Life Expectancy is 77 years of age, and the Infant Mortality Rate is 7.34 deaths/1000 live births.


A strong emphasis is placed on education in Chile. This is supported by the literacy rate of 95.7%, the highest in all of South America. Education is free and compulsory for 8 years from the age of 6-14, but Chilean children are hampered by their family's income to further their education and instead choose to help provide for their family.

Chile Statistics

Population: 17.5 million

Distribution: 85% are urban dwellers, with 40% living in Greater Santiago

Life Expectancy: 77 years

Currency: Chilean Peso

Capital City: Santiago

Time Zone: UTC -04:00, 1 hour later than Nova Scotia

Language: Spanish

Size Comparison: Longest north-south country in the world

Known For: The successful rescue of 33 trapped gold and copper miners in 2010

Economic Status: One of the most stable and prosperous nations in South America




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