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Children here belong to extremely destitute families affected by the conflict between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and Government forces. It is estimated that 85% of the native tribes, including people from slum communities, have no formal education - most never having seen a classroom. A typical Manobo family consists of parents and four children. The children must travel a great distance to attend school, so families from each community will build a hostel close to the school so the children can remain together. Community elders supervise the hostels to ensure the safety of the children.

In 2001, Pangipasan Community School, under the direction of the Oblates of Mary Immaculate, was accepted into the Chalice family. The school was built in 1994 at the request of local indigenous Chieftains to meet the needs of children of the Manobo tribe in their ancestral territory. Education is very expensive in this area; therefore it is the main focus of this Site. Their objective is to create self-reliant, well-informed, reasoning individuals. Manobo children are taught a modern day curriculum, as well as the beauty and richness of their own traditions. The upshot of educating the children is a change of attitude in the tribe. They now exhibit dignity and self esteem, standing up for their rights and beliefs. Cotabato Sponsor Site is an excellent example of a community coming together to tend to the needs of their citizens as a whole. Everyone shares their time and talents, teaching the value of working together so all may live a more productive life in dignity and solidarity.

Mission - Cotabato

The mission of the Chalice Cotabato Sponsor Site in the Philippines is to create self-reliant, well-informed, reasoning individuals. The Manobo children are permitted to wear their native attire to school every Monday, with school uniforms being required the rest of the week. They are not only taught the modern day curriculum, but the beauty and richness of their inheritance. In the process, the site staff gains a holistic understanding of people and the environment through the sharing of knowledge with the tribal people themselves. The consequence of educating the children is the change of attitude in the tribe. They now exhibit dignity and self esteem, standing for their rights and beliefs.

Sponsorship in Cotabato

Sponsorship in the Chalice Sponsor Site of Cotabato provides school clothing, supplies, and mid-day lunches, as well as hygiene kits and medical care. In return, the community provides free labour for the school and Sponsor Site. This "Communal Work" includes: tending the school vegetable garden, working as a school cook or monitor, planting trees for a massive reforestation project, etc.



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