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Gladys Receives Vendor Cart from Chalice Gift Catalogue“True happiness comes when you give your best in something beyond yourself.” - Jeffrey Fry

Cerro El Pino (Pine Hill) in Lima, Peru is known for its extreme poverty and living conditions. The lack of education in the region has led to illiteracy in the majority of the adults. As a result, employment is hard to find and the majority are employed as casual labourers. PINIFE is a Chalice sponsored site in Peru and through the gift catalogue they are working to give families the opportunity to improve their living conditions.

Gladys Janampa is a single mother of five kids living in a spare room at her mother’s house. The departure of her spouse led her to find an alternative way to sustain her family. The responsibility of raising five kids by herself is enormous. With four kids attending school and a baby, Gladys needed a steady income. Gladys has been selling prepared meals around town to earn some income.

“I’m currently working very hard to support my kids since four of them are in school. Every afternoon, I work selling fried chicken or Mazamorra or other types of food. I want to thank you will all my heart for the gift catalogue program. I was given a vendor cart to help improve my small business and increase my income.” writes Gladys in a letter.

Thanks to the Christmas Gift Catalogue, Gladys was provided with more than just a vendor cart. She received tables and chairs to better serve her customers. In addition, Gladys received utensils and ingredients such as rice and sugar.

“I am incredibly thankful and happy. I say goodbye with a big hug, your friend Gladys”.



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