Sponsored child Serhiy in Ukraine Receives Funding for Surgery from ChaliceDear Donor,

My name is Iryna and I am Serhiy's mother. Serhiy is sponsored through Chalice. My son suffers from a severe form of congenital hemophilia. He is 6 years old and has started first grade. But his condition has worsened recently and he is not attending school now. He behaves like an adult - endures pain and doesn't complain, but he cries at night because the pain keeps him awake. gifts like this can make a huge difference in a child's lifeTo remain in stable condition he needs to receive medication at least three times a week, but we can't even afford it once a week.

Recently he had surgery on his right knee joint and it helped improve his condition. This, sadly, is not the ultimate solution to his problem. The doctors recommend another surgery which, we hope, will be the final step in his treatment program.

We want to thank you very much for the money for the operation we received through the Chalice Gift Catalogue Campaign. Without your help we wouldn't be able to come up with the necessary amount. I can't get a job because I look after Serhiy and his younger brother, Andriy. My husband Viktor works as a dispatcher in a gas company, but his salary is too low to support our family of four. We had no hope that we would be able to afford this surgery, but owing to you, our son has a chance for a healthy and active life.

We sincerely thank you once again. May God bless you. We pray for you and your support.


Serhiy and his family



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