At Chalice, it is our joy to provide you with an opportunity to volunteer and experience life at our Sponsor Sites. Both you and those you meet will be enriched by a life changing exchange! Each trip is different in nature and experience. The common objectives are:

* Service projects supporting the work of Chalice's partners.

* Building relationships with our partners, the families we serve, and other Canadians with a heart for service.

* Witnessing the impact of sponsorship and sharing the opportunity of sponsorship with others.

* Collectively raising financial support for the communities we visit.

* Forming Chalice Champions in Canada to help us in our mission of "Sharing Christ with All in Need".

“It’s the most wonderful holistic experience, because you’re learning from the people you are helping, from the staff at the site, and from the members on your team. You receive so much love and joy and always want to give more.”                                               - Virlana Shchuka, “For the Girls!” 2016 Kenya Mission
Chalice's Upcoming Missions

Mission to the Philippines

Unfortunately we've had to cancel our mission trip to the Philippines (scheduled for March 10-25). The security risks have heightened beyond a point with which we are comfortable. Please join us in praying for Filipinos.

More details about our 2017 missions coming soon.

Chalice's Recent Missions

Solidarity Tour to Peru

Chalice - Travel with us to Peru to meet sponsored childrenJOIN OUR MISSION EFFORTS:
Sponsor a Child

Donate to Help Families

Mission Dates: October 15-23, 2016
Location: Canete, Peru - a town 150 km south of Lima, just inland from the coast
Sponsored Friends: If your sponsor child/elderly friend's code begins with CAN or SEN, we visited their Sponsor Site!

Chalice Overseas Volunteer Experiences

Chalice also occasionally offers opportunities for COVE placements - Chalice Overseas Volunteer Experiences.
These are smaller teams which travel independently (without the Mission Coordinator) to accomplish a specific task. Individuals may offer their skills and see if there is a match with a need at one of our Sponsor Sites, or they may join a small team meeting a need as proposed by Chalice, as is the case with the following teaching COVE in Ghana:

Teach 2 Reach Ghana

Chalice - Travel with us to Ghana to meet sponsored children
Service: Training Teachers
Location: Wa, Upper West Region of Ghana
Date: 2017
(July/August, 4 weeks, dates to be confirmed

There is a longstanding shortage of teachers in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Through a collaborative effort, Chalice, the Wa Diocese and the Department of Education are working to fill these vacancies. Three programmes are currently running to combat this shortage. Teaching missions are the fourth component. The mission participants will work together with local educators to train teachers, many of whom are already volunteer teaching in schools with little or no training. This mission will be offered annually until further notice.

Missions to Guatemala

If you are interested in missions to Guatemala with another organization operating out of Quebec, email our Mission Coordinator for more details.

Thank you for your desire to serve with us!

Find out more:

Contact our Mission Trip Coordinator: ; 1-800-776-6855
Mission Blog:
Find us on Facebook:

Chalice Missions Flickr page:

Past Chalice Missions

Mission to Ukraine

Chalice - Travel with us to Ukraine to meet sponsored children

In support of the Sponsor Sites’ Work (see below)
Location: Lviv and Ternopil, Ukraine
Dates: June 12-24, 2016

On this mission we had three service components. We trained Chalice staff and parent leaders in addictions support, so they could start small groups to empower those caught in addiction. We trained parent leaders and local health practitioners in first aid. We also supported two schools in their summer renovations.

For the Girls Mission, Kenya

Chalice Travel With Us to Kenya to meet sponsored children
Service: Increasing access to and awareness about reusable feminine hygiene products
Location: Asembo, Kenya
Dates: February 13-27, 2016

Many girls do not have access to safe, clean feminine hygiene products.  As a result, many girls do not attend school for the duration of their menstrual period, every single month, thereby missing approx. 3 months of school per year.  The result is often poor performance and/or dropping out of school.  Aside from this, some of the products currently used and education around feminine hygiene lead to unhealthy practices.  At Chalice, we have been working closely with a Nova Scotia Chapter of Days for Girls to distribute reusable feminine hygiene kits.  On this mission we distributed kits, trained local women to make and market the kits, and provided education for the girls and women about their use.

Sharing Christ in Chile

Chalice Mission Trip to Chile 2016
Service: Parish Renovations and Global Alpha Training
Location: Arica, Chile
Dates: October 30 - Novmber 10, 2015

A team of 8 volunteers from Saint Benedict Parish traveled with Chalice to our Arica Sponsor Site in Chile. Their mission was to fundraise for, as well as assisting in, building a second storey for the Parish Centre of Cristo Hermano Church. They also offered training for Alpha leaders, so that the Alpha Course could be offered at the parish. See what it's all about.





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