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Josue Receives Gift of Medicine from Chalice CatalogueJosué is a child who has been living with epilepsy since birth. It had taken 10 years but he, his parents and his siblings have learned to live with this disease. They are organized to assist him with his needs according to their schedule of work and study, as is the case of Juan Carlos, his older brother. This poor family is not only plagued by the disease of Josué but also for the single sickness that each family member suffers from. Josue and his family all were helped by their giftThe father has osteoporosis and psoriasis. Juan Carlos had a stomach ultrasound due to his constant abdominal pains and was diagnosed with a cyst in his stomach and now is undergoing treatment. To make matters worse, he also has asthma. They have only Gladis, the mother of this family, who is the one who makes ends meet and struggles day by day to bring hope to her children and  husband. She works temporarily washing people’s clothes or as a housekeeper. She is the only economic support for the family and has to face the reality with courage and tenderness.

At first, the budget for medicine was only for Joshua, but after his medical checkups, the doctor changed the medication and the new ones were cheaper, that is why, with the help of Chalice, we have been able to extend solidarity to other family members, providing skin creams, fungus creams, inhalers, vitamin-based milk, and other things the family might need.



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