Dear Donor,

Family in Ukraine receives fridge from Chalice Gift CatalogueThis is Maria from Ukraine, sending you words of sincere thankfulness. My husband and I have four children. Our eldest daughter Yulya graduated from Kyiv National Conservatory last year. She is married, and has a three-year-old son Yuriy and is expecting another child. Our son Maksym is a fifth year student at Lviv Conservatory, we have another son Ivan who is in his fourth year in Ternopil Music Trade School and our youngest daughter Olha is in sixth grade. All our children are very gifted in music. They all attended music school since a young age, which made it harder for us to keep up with their education expenses.This appliance is needed for such a large family.
My husband worked as a milling machine operator in a military plant but the plant went bankrupt and he lost his job. Now he doesn't have a permanent job but works seasonally on construction projects. I work as a social worker for Chalice Sponsor Site in Ternopil. I take care of 106 children. I like my job very much and work diligently. Most of the time my small salary is our family's only income, so we are often hard up. To improve our situation we maintain a vegetable garden where we grow potatoes and other vegetables.
I see how much Chalice sponsorship helps our children and how their lives change for the better. To tell the truth, I am amazed with Canadian people, their love to others, even the children they have never met. Our family received an opportunity to feel this love and compassion when we received a gift from Chalice Gift Catalogue Campaign through Ternopil Sponsor Site. Our family couldn't afford to buy a fridge but thanks to the Chalice Gift Catalogue and your donation we received it. It is such a necessary appliance to have in the house, especially when we have a large family. We thank you with all our hearts, dear donor. It is a valuable gift for our family. May God repay you a hundredfold.

We wish you good health, peace, love and wellbeing in your family. May our merciful God guide you along the path of serving Him and other people. May He bless you abundantly and hold you in His loving hands.

With love, gratitude, and sincere prayers,

Maria, Stepan, Yuliya, Maksym, Ivan and Olha



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