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About Guatemala

Guatemala, located in Central America, borders the North Pacific Ocean between El Savador and Mexico. The terrain is mountainous with narrow coastal plains and rolling limestone plateaus. There are no natural harbours on the west coast. Volcanic activity is abundant. Tajumulco Volcano, which had a major eruption in 2010, is the highest peak in Central America. The Mayan civilization flourished here and in the surrounding regions during the first millennium A.D.

Life in Guatemala

The climate is tropical; hot and humid in lowlands; cooler in highlands. It is the most populous country in Central America. Work is largely agricultural. Coffee, sugar, and petroleum are the main exports. Despite the low unemployment rate, more than half of Guatemalans live under the poverty line. Life Expectancy: 71.5 years. Infant Mortality Rate: 26.02 deaths/1000 live births.

Education in Guatemala

School is compulsory and free for children aged seven to fourteen, but uniforms, books, school supplies, and transportation are not provided. Because of this, children coming from low income families or rural areas are at a disadvantage when attending school. Literacy Rate: 69.1%- the highest in all of Central America.

Guatemala Statistics

Population: 15.4 million

Currency: Quetzal

Name Origin: comes from "place of many trees" in the Nahuatl language

Capital City: Guatemala City

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -6 hours, same as Manitoba

Size Comparison: Slightly smaller than Cuba

Language: Spanish, and 23 officially recognized indigenous languages

Biology: Biologically significant as a global biodiversity hotspot

Median Age: 20 years old (the youngest median age of any country in the western hemisphere)




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