Update: Chalice’s Haiti Site in the Eye of Hurricane Matthew

Oct. 20/16 - In our fall newsletter we shared the story of Sylvane Luissant. Sylvane and her family of 10 live in Roseaux, southern Haiti. Like many families across Haiti, Sylvane’s family lived in less than ideal conditions. Her home was falling apart and the roof and walls no longer kept out the rain. Thanks to the generous donations of Chalice supporters, Sylvane’s family, like over a hundred others in Haiti, was chosen to receive a new home through the Houses for Haiti program. Haiti South director Sister Merilise shared the joy and pride Sylvane had about her new home, and the home, combined with the sponsorship of her daughter Widelaine, meant a considerable improvement in the family’s lives.

On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew passed over southwestern Haiti. Roseaux, like many communities in southern Haiti, suffered severe damage as a result of the hurricane. The category 4 storm brought high wind and torrential rain to southern Haiti destroying crops, killing livestock, uprooting trees, and nearly destroying entire towns. Over 80% of the buildings in the town of Jeremie were destroyed including homes, schools, and medical facilities.

After the storm had passed, Sister Merilise stopped by Sylvane’s home to see if everyone was alright. We were relieved to hear that Sylvane and her family made it through the storm and that their home was still standing. A fallen tree caused significant damage to the roof, but otherwise Sylvane’s home survived the storm. In the coming weeks, Chalice will provide assistance to repair or replace roofs damaged by Hurricane Matthew. We will also be proceeding with our Homes for Haiti phase in the town of Jeremie.

Thank you for your prayers & continued support of our work in Haiti.

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In the city of Jeremie, most adults work as subsistence farmers or street vendors, and poverty prevents children from attending or completing primary school. There is a shortage of medical services, and many children suffer from flu-like symptoms caused by malnutrition. On October 4th, 2016, Hurricane Matthew struck Jeremie and the surrounding region. In the city alone, over 80% of buildings were destroyed including houses, churches, school facilities, and medical centres.

Mission - Haiti South

The Chalice Haiti South Sponsor Site strives to ensure that all of the children that they serve are immersed in a safe, healthy learning environment. To further support their education and childhood development, the children are provided with medical care and nutritious food in the belief that healthier, happier young adults will be better equipped to break the cycle of poverty in their communities.

Sponsorship in Haiti South

Thanks to the love and generosity of Canadian sponsors, the Haiti South Sponsor Site fully equips children for schooling, educates them, and provides for their nutritional and medical needs. The site also helps families learn how to manage their finances. Chalice is working on construction and repair projects in Haiti South in the wake of recent natural disasters.



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