On Oct. 4th, Hurricane Matthew passed over southwestern Haiti, causing severe damage to Chalice's Haiti South Sponsor Sites.
Chalice Continues Rebuilding Houses in Haiti South Sponsor Site Following Hurricane MatthewOver 80% of the buildings in the town of Jérémie were destroyed including homes, schools, and medical facilities. Chalice donors opened their hearts and donated an amazing $447,000!

Due to damaged infrastructure, it took almost a week before we had any communication from Jérémie as all the cellphone towers were down. The immediate priority for the Site Director was to confirm that all of the staff and children were unharmed. Thanks be to God we were able to confirm that all of the sponsored children were unharmed, although some children did have deaths in their families.

On November 7th, Chalice sent $280,000 to meet the Site's immediate request to cover items needed, including: mattresses, tarpaulins, bleach, food, water, hygiene items, clothing and solar lamps.

Unfortunately, unsafe roads due to wet weather and then road blockages caused by political instability in the area, has caused slower progress than we would have hoped for and there continues to be an emphasis on distribution.

On January 23, 2017 an additional $200,000 was sent to repair schools and school canteens in Carrefour-Sanon, Roseaux, and Latibolière. These funds will also be used for repairs to the Sisters' homes in Carrefour-Sanon and Roseaux, as well as additional repairs to the convent in Jérémie. The Site is still waiting on an estimate to repair/rebuild the feeding hall in Previle, but that should come soon.

Chalice sponsored children following Hurricane Matthew in HaitiPhase seven of the Homes for Haiti community project has continued with 24 more homes being built in Roxeaux and Plingue. A water reservoir is also being repaired and 26 latrines are being built through funds previously collected for this project.

A full assessment of homes already built through the Homes for Haiti project has also been completed and repairs will begin as soon as the schools and school canteens are all operational.

We thank you, dear sponsors, for your continued support of our work. Through Christ, all things are possible and by working together, we can lift up our brothers and sisters in need. Please continue to pray for our staff in Haiti and the families they support.

"Every new tragedy that occurs in the world's history can also become a setting for good news, inasmuch as love can find a way to draw near and to raise up sympathetic hearts, resolute faces and hands ready to build anew." - Pope Francis.



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