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About India

India has the second largest population and is the seventh largest country in the world. Its terrain varies from the Himalayan Mountains to the north, the fertile Ganges River flowing through the wide central valley, and a vast area of rolling tableland in the south.

Life in India

The fertile Ganges River contributes to India being one of the most productive agricultural nations in the world. This is not enough to fully satisfy the large population in India thus hunger is one of the nation's biggest concerns. The diet of the average Indian is inadequate, lacking protein, calcium and other basic vitamins. This makes them susceptible to vitamin deficient diseases like Scurvy or Beriberi. Approximately 32.7% of the population lives on less than US $1.25 per day. It is home to 25% of all undernourished people worldwide. Any global impact on hunger requires progress in food and nutrition security in India. Levels of inequality and social exclusion are very high. Social exclusion in the form of "untouchable" is far worse than slavery, for the latter may be abolished by statute. It will take a law to remove this stigma. Untouchability is not just social discrimination, it is a blot on humanity. Most of our sponsored children are from this segment of society. Adult Literacy Rate: 62.8%; Infant Mortality Rate: 47.3 deaths/1000 live births; Population below poverty line: 28.9%; Children under 5 years who are underweight: 43.5% (2006); Life Expectancy: 67.48 years; Unemployment Rate: 8.5%; Child Labor Rate (children ages 5-14): 12%; Annual inflation: 9.2%.


Education is provided by both the public and private sectors, and early education is compulsory. India has increased primary education attendance, which improved its literacy rate to about 66%. The economic rise of India has been attributed to the improvements in the education system. Only 15% of primary students reach high school and only 7% graduate.

India Statistics

Population:  1.2+ Billion (second only to China)

Language: Hindi

Capital City: New Delhi

Currency: Indian rupee

Time Zone: UTC + 5.5 hours, unique to only India

Military: India has never invaded any other country

Independence Day from Great Britain: August 15, 1947

Most Popular Sport: cricket

Home of: Mother Teresa's Missionaries of Charity Sisters

Inventions: Chess, the value of pi used in mathematics was first calculated by an Indian mathematician in the 6th century

Employment: Indian Railways is the largest employer on the planet




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