Chalice sponsored child, Iryna from UkraineTwenty-three-year-old Iryna comes from a very low-income family in Ukraine. When she was a small child her father abandoned the family. Her mother struggled to support Iryna by working long hours farming on a small plot of land and taking different jobs. She earned very little income and had a hard time providing her daughter with basic needs.

In 2001 Iryna entered the Chalice Sponsorship Program at our Ternopil, Ukraine sponsor site. At eight years old she found a sponsor to offer the financial and emotional support she needed to succeed. Since then the life of the family has improved greatly.

From a very young age, Iryna showed a keen interest in sports, but her mother could not afford to enrol her in local programs. With sponsorship a new door of opportunities was opened. Iryna was able to pursue a sport she had shown interest in all along - handball. Iryna used her passion to fuel her love of the game. She practiced and worked hard, and the results started to pay off.

When Iryna graduated from high school her dreams didn't end. Thanks to continued sponsorship she was able to enter Lviv National University of Physical Education. At the same time, she started playing professional handball with the university team.
Chalice sponsored child in Ukraine excels at handball
Iryna's sponsor encouraged and inspired her to stay motivated and never give up. The pair developed a lasting relationship through letters and other correspondence. Her sponsor never stopped encouraging her to be the best she can be.

At the age of 23, Iryna has a number of awards on her shelf. She's been named the best handball player of 2015 according to a national sports magazine rating. Iryna continues to play handball at the professional level, playing for the Polish and Ukrainian national teams.



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