When he was sponsored through Chalice, Joan was living with his parents, Ana and Armando. His sister, Joselyn, is a physiotherapist and works in a hospital in a small town called El Carmen, in the south of Chile. The family is very close. His father, who was the household breadwinner, was working at a groceries distributor, but he suffers from Parkinson’s Disease and can't work anymore so his wife started to work taking care of a sick woman to maintain the family.

Joan joined the Chalice Sponsorship Program. He has always been a good student. When he finished high school he took the entrance test to go into the University, getting one of the highest averages among the high school graduates. This allowed him to apply for scholarships and loans available for low-income youth.

Joan and his family are very grateful to his sponsors and thanks to them Joan has been able to pay for college registration (payment required for all students), photocopies, notebooks, and books. With the special money, he bought a used laptop, which has been crucial to his Architecture studies.

Joan is a responsible student. In his last appearance, when he was showing a project, teachers said that he had left the bar high for future generations.  His teachers consider him a star student because he is responsible, intelligent, creative, a good partner and very respectful to everyone. He is doing his thesis based on the seminar held. He is creating a model and plan of an Integrated Assistance Rehabilitation Center for Adults.  He also must present his thesis in the University and defend it.

Joan feels a great affection for his sponsors. His family, his sponsors and Chalice have been crucial in his college career. Thanks to all of them we will soon have a new architect.

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