Jonas is the second of seven children, all boys. The family moved from Vieri, a farming community in the Lassia Tuolu Parish, to settle in Lassia Tuolu. Fortunately, his father got a job as a driver for the local health center. For a few years the basic needs of the family could be provided. Unfortunately, Jonas' father died of protracted abdominal problems after an operation at the Wa Regional Hospital.

With the death of their father, the family found life difficult as the mother could only brew  “pito”, a local drink once a week to enable her to buy soup ingredients from the village market. For the family to feed on one meal a day was a difficult task for Rose, let alone providing the children with their basic personal and health needs. The children could not continue their education.

It was then that Jonas was enrolled by Chalice. The sponsorship program regularly supported him with clothes, books and food, as well as his and the family’s health needs through the National Health Insurance Scheme.

Jonas passed junior high school with distinction and entered the St. Francis Xavier Senior High School in Wa where he did the Science program. Chalice continued to support him with all his needs and the payment of his school fees. He attained a very good grade and got admission into the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, where he studied Aerospace Engineering with the dream of becoming a pilot.



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