Chalice Child Sponsorship a Blessing for Judith's familyJudith goes to school. With the help of Chalice, she and her seven siblings have improved their life.With the help of Chalice Judith can attend school When Judith began the sponsorship program, her baby sister was just born and was very ill, because she was premature and the whole family was going through a very difficult time, so having one of the family children sponsored was a blessing for all. Now the little girl is growing and she is healthy.

Judith is a very smart girl and she is one of the best students in Julio Cesar Patiño´s School. Judith loves dogs and she is very kind with all sorts of animals. She is also a very persistent girl. Currently, Judith’s family has been able to install basic services at their home like water, electricity and they have also been able to build a bathroom. On top of that, all the children have better nutrition. The quality of life of the whole family has improved with the sponsorship program. They feel very blessed in their life, because of Chalice.



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When you sponsor a child with Chalice, you provide ... educational support, including school materials, books and fees. Sponsorship also provides children with improved nutritional intake, medical care, clothing and footwear, and other basic necessities.

Sponsor with Chalice today, and see the difference $37 a month can make in a child's life.

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