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Sponsor a Child with Chalice in Kumbo, CameroonLife is not easy for the people of Kumbo, but their efforts, optimism, determination, and ability to smile through adversity never cease to amaze, humble, and inspire those associated with them. The weather is made up of a short dry season and a longer wet season. Roads are mostly unpaved and turn into muck with the rains, making traveling difficult. In recent years the northern part of Cameroon has been plagued with droughts. Torrential rains often follow bringing with them water borne diseases. The inclement weather has caused a massive increase in the cost of food. Improved access to government resources is challenged by the language divide in the English speaking province.

The sponsor site of Kumbo, Cameroon was one of the first to be supported by Chalice in 1996. At that time, the Site was administered by Canadian CND Sisters. Since 2011, the Sisters of Therese of the Child Jesus, a Cameroonian order, has been managing the Site which sponsors both children and elderly. The nomadic and traditional tribal culture in the area has had a major impact on the growth of Kumbo. In many cases women and children walk long distances to seek help from the Site, as they have limited means for survival. The Site does its best to improve the lives of families through Direct Family Funding (DFF). Women are encouraged to become self sufficient while their children are enrolled in school. It is Kumbo Site’s goal to have every person tested for HIV/AIDS.

Mission - Kumbo

Sr. Louisa and her co-workers at the Chalice Kumbo Sponsor Site do their best to improve the lives of the families with whom they are in contact. Women are encouraged to become self sufficient while their children are enrolled in school. It is the goal of the site to have every person tested for HIV/AIDS. Fortunately anti-retroviral drugs are now available for those who test positive and Nivirrapine is greatly reducing the risk of mother to child transmission.There are two health insurance programs in the area, which are greatly helping in the partial payment of medical costs. Because sponsored children's school fees are paid the teachers are in turn assisted. The economic crisis and poor harvests, which are the result of global warming and other factors, have caused the price of food and other basic commodities to increase dramatically.

Life is not easy for the people of Kumbo, but their efforts, optimism, determination and ability to smile through adversity never cease to amaze, humble and inspire those associated with the site. Sr. Louisa and her colleagues feel it is a privilege to help people live with dignity and hope. The dedication of these people has made a huge difference in the lives of the people in their care. The love and kindness of the Chalice supporters makes it possible for the people of Kumbo to experience God's gospel in action.

Sponsorship in Kumbo

The Chalice Kumbo Sponsor Site in Cameroon, Africa is committed to accompanying, monitoring, and following up on all their children and aged. The Site assists them psychologically, emotionally, financially, and materially, so that they can stay in their homes and go to schools of their choice. Education remains their highest goal as it is seen as a way to decrease poverty. During holidays, seminars and workshops are organized to educate children on growth issues and computer skills. Briefings and courses for parents are regularly held on new techniques and responsible management for their home farms. The Site provides sponsorship funding through Direct Family Funding (DFF). Parents and guardians participate in Faith Circles and together work to improve their livelihoods.

Community Building in Kumbo

The St. John Bosco Catholic College, because of its location, distinguishes itself for giving an excellent education to children who live in an environment that keeps them forever poor and marginalized. The school and its students have scored extremely well in the Government country-wide exams in recent years. The current structure consists of two buildings with five classrooms each, girls’ dormitory as well as a Lab building. There is a need for an administrative building that will include a library, computer lab, staff room and administrative offices (currently 22 teachers but will increase to 30 with this addition). The new structure will free up space for more classrooms. Learn more ...

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