Libin, one of our special school children, has many talents. He is very good at swimming. He learned to swim in the small river near his house. He went for the District Aquatics competition and from there got selected for the state swimming competition. His performance was excellent in the state competition. The selection committee of the State team was well pleased and they have told him to have practice in the swimming pool so that he can continue to improve. Wwith his gift Libin can practice and go for gold.

Libin Strives for Gold in Swimming Thanks to Chalice Libin's family lives below the poverty line. In order to have practice in the swimming pool he has to pay Rs. 5000/- for the admission and for the practice. His family members are unable to spend this money for his practice in their current economic state. They applied to Chalice through the Gift Catalogue. He was given the funding that he needed to practice in the swimming pool. He is very grateful for this. Libin was selected for the Special Olympics competition. He has finished three preparatory camps for the Special Olympics. We Hope he will do well and will get the Gold Medal in Special Olympics. Thanks to Chalice for granting the funds for his practice.



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