Chalice Gift Catalogue funding provides a lift for Yuriy in Ukraine"The greatest thing a man can do for his Heavenly Father is to be kind to some of His other children” - Henry Drummond

The Lyakhovych family lives in the Ternopil region in western Ukraine. Their eldest son, Yuriy suffers from disability and requires permanent attention. Mrs. Lyakhovych suffers from a heart condition which impedes her from working and Mr. Lyakhovych needs to stay home to take care of his family. The family keeps some livestock and grows fruits and vegetables to sustain themselves.

In 2014 the family of four received the gift of a lifetime from the Chalice Gift Catalogue Campaign. A medical electric lift was given to the family to help take care of their son Yuriy. This gift allows Mr. Lyakhovych to move his son around and lift him up without hurting himself. This gift will not only enhance the life and health of Yuriy but of the whole family.

The family is no stranger to the kindness shown by sponsors through Chalice. They have been sponsored by Gary and Bonnie for the past eight years. Thanks to the gift of sponsorship Mr. and Mrs. Lyakhovych are able to support their family.

 “On behalf of my entire family I’d like to thank all the donors for their good works which prove that faith in God has no borders”, writes Maria Lyakhovych in a letter of gratitude.“It is the example of true selfless Christian love. With your support we’ve become more confident, joyful and kinder. Words can’t express our gratitude to you. May God bless you all, dear brothers and sisters”.



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