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Chalice sponsored children in Mikinduri, KenyaMikinduri town is about five miles from the Equator with an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet. With the recent twinning of the highway to Meru, Mikinduri now has easy access to the commercial capital of northern and eastern regions. School drop-out and drug abuse rates amongst youth are high. The land is fertile but low adult literacy remains a large challenge to the development of this area. Medical issues including high rates of epilepsy, physical disabilities, and mental illness also present major challenges.

The Chalice Sponsor Site in Mikinduri, Kenya was established in 2008. Due to malaria, typhoid, and the HIV/Aids pandemic, many parents are deceased, leaving the very old to care for the very young. Sponsored children and parent groups, called Faith Circles, meet every Saturday for feeding and tuition programmes, and other creative and learning activities. A nutritionist monitors the community and provides training in food preparation, dietary requirements, and sanitation. Monthly meetings are held to determine the requirements and plans of action for the Site. Parents/guardians receive training on health, hygiene, and early childhood stimulation, recognizing the individual's physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Mission - Mikinduri

At the Chalice Sponsor Site of Mikinduri Fr. Bernard and his staff work diligently to bring forth change in the lives of the children and their families. It is felt that education lifts the limitations brought on by ignorance and poverty. It is the goal of the site to change the lives of people in this area, as they are taught to be self-reliant and productive.

Sponsorship in Mikinduri

Primary education is free in Kenya, but for most families, the cost of uniforms and supplies is crippling. Through the DFF Sponsorship Program these needs, as well as other needs of the family, are met. Children are provided with a noon meal at school. Some of the important projects at the Site include: adult literacy classes, health workshops, and Community Parent Groups (Faith Circles) that teach farming methods to improve food security. This Site uses the Direct Family Funding (DFF) model which provides each family direct access to their ponsorship funds. Everyone involved in DFF receives training in financial literacy and management in order to empower them to improve their situations.



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