As a Chalice sponsored child, Nadiya pursuing career as hairstylistNadiya got sponsored through Chalice when her family faced real difficulties. Her parents had no jobs, the family lived in an overcrowded shared dwelling and Nadiya suffered from kidney inflammation. Her condition was worrisome. Sponsorship for her and her brother helped Nadiya receive regular medical care as required, and her family could move into separate living space, and have much better nutrition.

Due to sponsorship, after completion of secondary school Nadiya took a year-long training course in tailoring in a local trade school. As encouragement and incentive her sponsor gave her a good sewing machine which became very advantageous for Nadiya. She can now make and alter clothes very well, which she does for her family. Additionally, when the sponsor site arranged for a three month training course in hairdressing at the Ternopil Trade School she took the course along with ten sponsored girls, and made the most of it. Her gift and diligence in learning hairstyling didn’t go unnoticed. An experienced professional offered her an apprenticeship course which she took for a year and a half. That effort paid off for her as today she is working in a salon and has developed her own catalogue of nail designs.

She will always be thankful to her sponsor and the Chalice Sponsorship Program for supporting the family through hard times and giving her the opportunity to pursue post secondary education.



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