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Chalice Child Sponsorship in Neema, Tanzania - Sponsor a ChildNeema, Tanzania

Neema is located in the remote district of Songea in southwestern Tanzania. Songea is the capital of Ruvuma. Most families are from tribal Catholic communities. They have no electricity, no safe drinking water, and no proper transportation. It is close to Mozambique and Malawi, about 1000 km from Dar es Salaam on the coast. Access to Government services, including schools and health care, remains difficult in this remote region of Tanzania.

Chalice Neema Sponsor Site is run by the Sisters of Visitation Congregation of Alleppey in Songea. Neema means Grace in Kiswahili. Neema Visitation Orphanage provides care for vulnerable and at-risk girls; the majority of children live at home with parents, and one-third live 76 km away at the English Medium School run by the Visitation Sisters in that area. Only one child per family can be accepted into the Programme because there are so many families living in poverty in the district. Through St. Norbert’s Health Care Centre, run by the Congregation, the Site has seen an improvement in the health of sponsored children - with obvious increases in their physical growth and attention during class. Malnutrition, which used to be quite prominent, is slowly being eradicated in sponsored families. The improvement in the lives of the children has eased the burden of the families and has given hope to the villages.

Mission - Neema

The Chalice Sponsor Site of Neema, Tanzania works diligently to bring the gifts of knowledge and growth to the children. Through the efforts of Sister Mary Genna and staff, and the support of their friends at Chalice, the children and families of Songea share the experience of God's love in action, knowing they have been blessed with His everlasting grace.

Sponsorship in Neema

Chalice sponsored child in Neema, TanzaniaThe Chalice Sponsorship Program in Neema provides better education, nutritious food, medical care and treatment, and proper clothing for children and their families from remote villages in the area. Self Help Groups of parents/guardians have been established and the Site provides seed money for empowerment programs for women. It also offers awareness programs on topics like personal development, raising adolescents, mental health, hygiene, and stable family life.



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