Sergio studying for career as veterinarian thanks to Chalice child sponsorshipNestor is the son of a family of farmers. He has four siblings, and he joined the Chalice Sponsorship Program in 2005, so that he could continue his studies. He completed high school in 2010, as the best graduate of his class.
Thanks to sponsorship Nestor has hope for his future

Nestor's family is known for its commitment to the community and desire to succeed. His mother participates in adult education courses taught in the community.
Nestor is a young man who is humble, hardworking and valued in his community, he helps his parents and siblings farming work and breeding of domestic animals. At the same time, he is committed to his community by assisting in the catechesis of children from the age of 15.
Today he is a catechist and participates in the choir and serves on the group's prayer chapel.
The family experience of caring for small animals of the family, and the work in the field, have awakened in him the desire to pursue a career in veterinary medicine. Thanks to his personal effort, the help of Chalice, and of his family, he got through the entrance exams with excellent grades, starting the first year of his studies.
The whole family expresses deep gratitude to the Sponsorship Program, which lightened the load for his parents, and ensures that their children can continue with their studies, looking at the future with greater hope.



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