The first family to receive a new pre-assembled house from Chalice was the Villalba Zabala family. The mother, Elena, is a housewife; the father, Nicolás works as a blacksmith. The family has 6 sons including Cristian, Cristobal, Zacarias and Jesus Salvador who have all been sponsored.

A short while ago, fire destroyed their little shabby house made of wood and cardboard. They lost their home and A new home for two deserving families who needed oneeverything in it.

Chalice Provides HousesThey urgently needed a place to be sheltered against the cold and rain. The father works very hard to get his family ahead. This gift made a great difference to the family. After the house fire, they have lived through many hard moments. The family has so much faith in God. It is through their faith that they are slowly overcoming their problems. We believe that by supporting this family, we will keep them all together, sheltered against hard weather conditions and help to renew their faith. Parents will have the chance to keep on working hard for their sons.

The second family to receive a new home was the Báez family. Their family consists of children Yanina Noemí, Oscar Daniel and Liz Camila; the children live together with their mother, Mariza. The father of the children, Mariza´s husband, died recently. He was the only one who supported the family. Now Mariza must work in the streets (she sells herbal medicines and candies). She cares a lot about her children and the situation she´s facing is very hard. They are living in very humble conditions, but they are a family that works hard and wants to move forward. Giving them this house, children will mitigate the feeling of loss. Their mother will have a little peace. Mariza cares for her sons a lot and this opportunity will give her a chance to educate them better and the family will improve their quality of life.



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