Family in Ukraine receives sofa from Chalice Gift CatalogueMy name is Olena. I want to express my gratefulness and gratitude for your gift of a sofa that I have received from Chalice Gift Catalogue Campaign. I like the sofa very much and it's a great pleasure to sleep separately in my own sofa.

I was 4 years old when my mother tragically died. After that we moved from Kherson to Ternopil region to live with our aunt Lyuba. The greatest grief for a child is to lose the most precious and the sweetest person in the world-their mother. Only a person who experienced such a tragedy can understand me. But there are nice people in the world. Though I am an orphan I feel God loves me.

When I was 7 I fell seriously ill. Doctors said that I would be handicapped if I could overcome the disease. But owing to Dr. Alla I am healthy now. My aunt sold everything to save me. It was a difficult time for us. We had nothing. I prayed to the Lord for people to help us; and he heard my prayers.
The situation changed when I got sponsored with Chalice sponsorship program. My sponsor writes me often and fills my heart with hope with each word she writes. She supports me morally and materially. I feel her love each day. Owing to her support I successfully finished school, entered medical college in nursing and I have graduated. Now I have pracitcal training in the hospital. I dream to continue my studying at medical school to become a doctor.
I thank you very much, dear donor for such great gifts. I pray for you and Chalice who support the indigent.

May God bless you in abundance for everything you do. I wish you and your family all the best.

In respect,




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