"What I really needed was love," explains Humberto. "We never had a father or a mother, so we never knew what love felt like."
Chalice Child Sponsorship Helps Humberto Attain University DegreeOne of Chalice's recent graduates from the Hope for My Future scholarship program, Humberto isn't letting the horrors of his past define his future.

Sometimes he gets lost in the memories of his childhood, his life with an alcoholic mother and a father he never met. He remembers the death of his baby sister after being dropped by their intoxicated mother. After his mother passed away, he and his younger brother were sent to live with an uncle, where they were the victims of violence. At the age of seven and five, they escaped to the streets where they lived a life filled with drugs, alcohol and crime.

One day a police officer caught him stealing and sent him to live at Amanecer, a Chalice Sponsor Site dedicated to supporting children, women and babies, who have been mistreated, abandoned, and live on the streets.

Humberto ran away several times. Mistrustful and hardened by his upbringing, it was hard to accept that people genuinely wanted to help him and his brother.

During a local television interview in 2015, he was asked how old he was and he said he was somewhere between 21 and 23 years old. When he was younger he always felt his birthday was April 12th because it was the one day he remembered the most. He was very young when he escaped from his uncle and didn't have any identification papers about his age or where he was born.

One day a representative of the Santa Cruz Mercantil Bank came to Amanecer to administer the entry exam for a scholarship program they were offering as part of a partnership with the Catholic University of La Paz and Chalice. To his surprise, Humberto passed, "When I passed the exam and was given the chance to enter school, it was the first time I felt important."

Unfortunately, six months into the program, Humberto was removed due to behavioural issues. Because of his past, he found it very hard to integrate with the other students.

Recognizing the potential within him, Chalice staff at Amanecer provided Humberto with counselling sessions, allowing him to work through his problems and enabling him to return to the scholarship program the following year. Chalice continued to provide weekly counselling in La Paz to help with his return to school.

We are so proud of Humberto. In December 2016 he graduated from the Management and Entrepreneurship Program at the Catholic University of La Paz, achieving a 92% on his final project.

Sponsorship, combined with donations to the to the Hope for My Future program saved Humberto's life. He has overcome neglect and homelessness and now has a solid foundation on which to build a successful future.

"Thank you," says Humberto. "There is no way to repay all that people have done for me.."

To date, Chalice has 25 graduates from the Hope for My Future program. After a successful first phase, Chalice has agreed to help more students prosper through Hope for My Future II. To help someone like Humberto, please call 1-800-776-6855.



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