Chalice child sponsorship allows Pamela to continue her educationPamela was a sponsored child. At age 10 she was left orphaned of mother, with a sister and a brother younger than herself. Due to the family's difficult economic situation, her father was forced to emigrate in search of work, leaving the children spread in the houses of relatives; Sponsorship has allowed her to continue her education Pamela was forced to separate from her siblings, when she went to live in the house of a godmother, going then to a foster home for girls.

When she was 13 Pamela joined the Chalice Sponsorship Program along with her little sister. This support was essential for the two of them to be able to continue with their studies and to overcome many obstacles. Despite all the setbacks encountered in her short life, Pamela passed with good grades. She was always outstanding in her studies, culminating as best student, both in primary and in secondary school.

Subsequently, the three siblings went to live in the house of their grandfather, who despite his age and poverty welcomed them, bringing them together again. There, Pamela has become the "mother " of her siblings and the woman who cares for the home.

Pamela is sensitive to the needs of the community; she has been a catechist of children in the Chapel, and a member of a Youth Commission on Environmental Care. She is doing the third course in psychology, and works as an educational advisor for the sale of books of a company.

The three siblings live together, supporting each other, and caring for their ill grandfather.



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