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About Paraguay

Paraguay is a landlocked country in South America located northeast of Argentina. It is known to most as Corazon de America, or Heart of America. The terrain varies from grassy plains and wooded heals east of Rio, mostly low, marshy plain west of Rio and thorny scrub everywhere else. The climate is subtropical to temperate, and the country relies mostly on hydropower to power the country.

Life in Paraguay
Paraguay is the second poorest country in South America. It also ranks second in unequal distribution of wealth in the South America and Mediterranean Region. Recent economic growth has not diminished the extreme poverty suffered by its residents, of its nearly seven million people, 19.4% live below the poverty line and 7.9% are unemployed. Half of all homes are inadequate and rural poverty is pervasive. There is a lot of agricultural activity in the country with major exports of soybeans, cotton, and leather. Life Expectancy: 75 year. The Infant Mortality Rate is 23.02 deaths/1000 live births.

Education is free for all residents of Paraguay. It is mandatory for children to attend school from age seven until they reach the age of thirteen. In the year 2000, 950,000 pupils were registered in primary school with another 459,000 attending secondary education. Despite low attendance at school, the literacy rate in Paraguay is at 94 percent.

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Paraguay Statistics

Population: 6.8 million

Currency: Guarani

Capital City: Asuncion

Time Zone: UTC/GMT -4 hours, same as Maritime Provinces

Size Comparison: Roughly the size of Zimbabwe

Independence Day from Spain: 1811

Language: Spanish and Guarani

Economic Status: Rural paraguay is deeply entrenched in poverty

Known For: Exquisite arts and crafts, needle work (Nanduti lace making)

Home of: World's 2nd largest hydroelectric power plant & Capybara or Carpincho, the world's largest rodent




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