About Rafiki Ogwedhi

The Rafiki Ogwedhi Sponsor Site is in the villages around Asembo in Kenya's Nyanza province which lies on Lake Victoria. The main challenges are: high prevalence of HIV, high level of poverty, lack of money to help develop the natural resources, high rate of school dropouts, close proximity to the lake (danger of water-borne diseases), low technological knowledge, gender imbalance in development, youth unemployment and poor crop production due to insufficient, unreliable rainfall and exhausted soil.

The Rafiki Ogwedhi Site is committed to excellent and compassionate care to sponsored families at Rafiki Wa Maendeleo Trust (RWMT). Their goals are to eradicate poverty, develop children in a holistic way, empower the community both socially and economically, and build a healthy, disease-free, productive population. The education of children is considered the most important investment, as it secures their future. The Site has introduced the Agriculture Project where sponsored families are introduced to good farming methods through community-run resource centres and work with groups to promote sustainable small scale agri-businesses.

Mission - Rafiki Ogwedhi

The mission of the Chalice Rafiki Ogwedi Sponsor Site is to empower communities and build their capacities to create positive change for children and youth within their community.

Sponsorship in Rafiki Ogwedhi

Chalice sponsored children receive school fees and uniforms which has greatly reduced school dropout rates, early marriages, child abuse and child labour. It has also improved academic performance. Field workers regularly visit schools and meet with teachers and children to monitor their progress. In addition to a nutritional good practice and awareness program, children who are either affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS have been put on a systematic nutritional follow-up initiative. Liaising with the local Nutritional Department to determine healthy and balanced foods has improved health, increased immunity and boosted the medical response to anti-retroviral drugs/therapy for these children.



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