Rodolfo  was born in Arica, on June 8th 1 984. He comes from a poor family. His family is composed of four people, his mother, Marcela, his brother, Cristian, who suffers from schizophrenia, and his sister, Leticia, who has epilepsy. Rodolfo's mother is the head of household; it is she who maintains her family. The family situation was very precarious, so much so that the income generated by Marcela was not enough to get their basic needs, such as adequate food, and the family was often hungry, lacked clothes and could not pay the water bill so the water service was suspended. Sponsorship allowed him to follow his dreams

Rodolfo, a Chalice sponsored child, becomes civil and industrial engineerRodolfo was sponsored by Chalice in July 2000.  He has developed a close bond with his sponsors because they have corresponded with each other. Since then, Rodolfo started to feel supported and he could alleviate the burden to his mother, in regards to groceries, clothing, shoes, school supplies, etc.

Rodolfo has always been a good student, both in elementary and high school education. Due to his high average he could apply for the scholarship of the President of the Republic which brought school supplies, breakfast and lunch at school. In his last year of high hchool, he was anxious, thinking he would turn 18 years old and he would lose his sponsors. He believed that his dreams of studying at university were evaporating. One day he came to our office and asked if his sponsors would continue sponsoring him if he went to university. We explained that if he continued studying his sponsors would be proud of him and they would continue sponsoring him.

In 2003: Rodolfo began campaigning to pursue his dreams and be prepared for The Entrance Test to the University.
In 2004: Realizes his dream and is accepted at the University of Tarapaca in Civil Engineering and Industrial Career. Because of his critical financial situation applies for a credit that allows him to study. He will start paying his career when he finish it and get the title.
In 2007:  To help to develop his personality and pedagogical area he started to teach Math doing assistantships to other college students.  
In 2010: From the University informed to him that he can participate in projects to be an expert on mentoring, this means he worked with the teachers of this university.  
In 2011: Rodolfo finished his studies, and received his degree as Civil and Industrial Engineer.

Rodolfo is very grateful to his sponsors and Chalice because they have been crucial in the development of his career and future.



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