About Saidia

Chalice sponsor a child in Saidia, KenyaSaidia is in the semi-arid area of the Rift Valley. The people are mainly small scale farmers. Until recently, formal education took a back seat to farming. Children who depend on the Site for food, education, and health care are from either an impoverished family or orphans.

Saidia Sponsor Site is in Gilgil, a town near Nakuru, the fourth largest town in Kenya. The Site deals with a transient population and those who have been displaced internally within Kenya. Keeping children in school is a priority as it greatly reduces the number of street children in Gilgil, especially from the Bondeni slum area. All sponsored children have a baseline pediatric assessment done, including general health, eye and dental checkups. All sponsored children attend school. Social workers work with parents/guardians to ensure school books, school bags, shoes, and fees are provided. Sponsored families receive training and education as part of the Direct Family Funding (DFF) Program. This has enabled families to improve their quality of life and some have even moved out of the slums to slightly better areas within the town.

Mission - Saidia

The Saidia Chalice Sponsor Site focuses on providing care for those living in the slums as well as Kiambogo, a remote hillside community. The Site also provides care to orphans living in Saidia, some of whom are living with HIV. Many of the children in this Site are older and have not attended school regularly due to lack of funds, disease, ignorance, or other social problems.

Sponsorship in Saidia

Chalice Sponsorship provides benefits through Direct Family Funding in Saidia. Regular dental, eye, and medical exams are given. Parents/guardians belong to Faith Circles and meet monthly for micro-finance and adult literacy classes, and training in parenting and care of children. The Faith Circles are also developing small businesses and securing a source of healthy nutritious food for their families through eRoots.



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