Sponsorship in Samar

Chalice sponsored children in Samar are given the opportunity to excel in their chosen field.  They are provided with tuition fees, school supplies and other necessary aids for their education.  The Site ensures  all sponsored children receive nutritional supplements, medical/dental assistance and education in health and hygiene.  There are also varied school programs and activities made available to them for moral, spiritual and social nourishment.  Likewise, there are also programs for family  and community development such as regular prayer meetings and skills training.

Chalice Progress in the Philippines

Sponsor a Child with Chalice on the island of Samar, PhilippinesAfter a lot of hard work, meetings, and negotiation Chalice is very close to beginning construction on homes for people who were displaced by Typhoon Haiyan. We are so grateful for the continued support of our donors throughout this time.

Over the past year we have faced setbacks with renewed determination and have approached all tasks in context with our Chalice mission and values.

With the complete devastation that was experienced during Haiyan we knew it would take time to complete our mandate of building new homes. Chalice’s International Manager for Asia has made three trips to Basey (Western Samar) on the main island of Samar to assess the situation and work with both organizations on the ground and multiple levels of government.

For the first three months following Haiyan, international relief efforts focused on immediate rescue and relief. The next five to nine months Chalice worked with Local Government Units, the Governor of Western Samar and local donors on identifying land which would meet local legislation. After a very successful trip to the region in November 2014, Chalice has finally obtained commitments from Government authorities to provide utilities to the designated property. Simultaneously, we are also working with the Department of Justice to ensure the land is titled, the Department of Public waterworks and Highways to ensure the land will have utilities, the department of Agriculture to rezone the land and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources. We are also working with the local Mayor of the town of Basey to obtain resolutions from the city council. We are expecting to have all the necessary permits from the above government offices by early January. At this juncture we are looking at constructing approximately 70 duplexes.

The houses will be built by using Interlocking Compressed Earth Blocks.  We will start preparing the land and building inventory of the blocks as early as February, after all documentation is in place. These blocks are made from soil and cement compressed using a manual press and are a popular building material in Southeast Asia due to their low cost, accessibility, and pleasing appearance. The interlocking blocks have a male and female component, so they can be laid without mortar. They have horizontal and vertical supports, and are strong and durable.

The motto of the government for this rebuilding process is: Build Back Better and we support this endeavour.

Thanks to your support as Chalice will be able to build quality homes and share Christ with all in need. God Bless.

About Samar ...

The Chalice Sponsor Site of Samar is located in the northern part of Samar Island, the Philippines’ third largest island. It is located in the middle of the Philippine archipelago.  The main town and surrounding area where the Site is located is called Laoang.  It is considered one of the poorest regions in the country. Jobs are mainly in fishing and farming, which are seasonal and do not offer a secure income. Samar province is hilly, with mountain peaks ranging in height from 200 to 800 metres and narrow strips of lowlands extending along the northern coast up to fertile river valleys and deltas.  Slopes are generally steep and barren of trees due to deforestation.  Run-off waters after heavy rains can trigger flooding and the erosion of the mountains.



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