Chalice Sponsorship Helps Child Achieve Dream of Becoming a NurseSan's parents are both subsistence farmers in Lassai Tuolu village. Chalice sponsorship allowed San to finish her education and train as a nurse. Her parents tried with extreme difficulty to provide her needs and the needs of the other siblings. The mother sometimes sold cooked food, and the little profit she made supported her husband to provide the family's needs. The poverty level of the community affected San's studies, even though she showed signs of being a brilliant student. San had her basic education in Lassia Tuolu Primary and Junior High Schools.

Her situation took a new turn for the better when she was enrolled by Chalice. From then on the family was given food, and her educational needs, such as books and clothing, were provided regularly. Her entire family was enrolled into the National Health Insurance Scheme to enable them access to free medical treatment in case of sickness.

San started attending school regularly and at the end of her studies at the Junior High school, she made a good grade and got enrolled in St. Francis of Assisi Senior High School, the only girls Senior High school in the Upper West Region of Ghana. Chalice continued to support her.  She did the Home Economics Programme and did very well in her final examination.
San then trained to be a nurse at the Jirapa Nursing Training School with the hope of going back to serve at her Community Health Centre after her course.



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