Oksana, a Chalice sponsor child, pursues musical talentOksana was sponsored through Chalice for 11 years. She came from a large and poor family. She has two brothers. Her father passed away when Oksana was 12. Her mother lost her job when the village collective farm went bankrupt. Sponsorship allowed Oksana to chase her musical dreams. To survive the family kept a small subsidiary farm – a cow and some poultry, and cultivated land.

Chalice sponsorship for Oksana has brought relief to this family, helped improve their living conditions and given them spiritual support. With sponsorship benefits Oksana has received good nutrition, new clothes, school supplies and a variety of household goods. The family got the gas supply connected to their house. Recently the family has received a washing machine from the Chalice Gift Catalogue.

Above all, sponsorship allowed Oksana develop her musical talents. She learned to play the piano at the music school for 7 years. After grade nine Oksana entered Terebovlya Vocational School of Culture and Arts to study choir conducting. She graduated and following that, Oksana got married.

Chalice sponsorship helped Oksana to have grown up into good person, happier and more confident. She gives her kindest words of gratitude to Chalice and her sponsor.

Social worker for Ternopil Sponsor Site,



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