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Sponsor a Child with Chalice in our Ternopil Site, UkraineThe Ternopil Sponsor Site reaches families spread over 400 rural villages deeply affected by economic instability and a lack of jobs. Most families survive on small subsistence farms. Many parents cannot provide for their children, and some children are abandoned, orphaned, or their parents are in prison. Desperate parents often move away in search of solutions, leaving their children with with other families. Substance abuse and domestic violence are prevalent.

Mission - Ternopil

The Chalice sponsor site of Ternopil is committed to improving the quality of life and promoting spiritual growth of sponsored children and their families by providing material assistance and opportunity for social development.

Sponsorship in Ternopil

Thanks to the love and generosity of Canadian sponsors, the Ternopil Sponsor Site fully equips children for schooling, educates them, and provides for their nutritional and medical needs. The site also provides household goods and farming equipment to support families and help them move towards self-reliance.

Update on Situation in Ukraine

Thank you for your concern for the people in Ukraine and in particular your sponsored friend.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, our International Manager has been in constant contact with both of our sites in Ukraine. Fortunately, none of our children, Sites, or staff have been injured or directly affected at this time. Sponsorship activities and benefits continue as normal. Schools and Government offices have returned to normal working hours in the West where Chalice Sites are. Site Directors have travelled freely within their regions and all are ok. We will continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis.

Thank you so much for your concern and we invite you to join us in prayer for peace and resolution during these difficult times for our brothers and sisters in Ukraine.



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When you sponsor a child with Chalice, you provide ... educational support, including school materials, books and fees. Sponsorship also provides children with improved nutritional intake, medical care, clothing and footwear, and other basic necessities.

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