Vitaliy was among the very first children in Terebovlya District to be sponsored by Chalice. This handsome but sullen boy was orphan. He was born outside marriage. He never knew his father and his mother passed away when Vitaliy turned 3. He lived with his granny in a village, 15 kilometres away from the district centre. He went to village school. People treated him differently – some felt sorry for him, some were indifferent.

Vitaliy a Chalice sponsor child, pursues educationHe now is educated, married and working. Chalice Sponsorship, besides meeting basic necessities, gave him tremendous spiritual support. Correspondence between Vitaliy and his sponsor was established almost at once. His sponsor “lived” his life and was interested to learn about his problems, dreams and plans for the future. Vitaliy regularly received birthday gifts from his sponsor. The first one was a beautiful soccer ball to encourage him to take on sports and develop physical fitness and moral will. Vitaliy appeared to become very encouraged and tried his best. His eyes sparkled with joy of gratitude when he read his sponsor letters – this kind person from across the ocean whom he’d never met but felt so close to. In her letters his sponsor always wrote that she believed that Vitaliy would grow into a good person and that God would bless him in his life. That was a strong incentive for him to do well at school. He liked science.

People in the village wondered about this boy's dramatic difference. His grandmother worked as a simple dairymaid on a farm and worked from early morning till late at night. Despite that Vitaliy was so serious, sensible, purposeful, tidy and well-dressed, always wearing nice new clothes and carrying a nice school bag. One day, his neighbour broke down and asked him, “Vitaliy, who takes such good care of you? You have no mother but you are so clean and wear nice clothes. Where did your beautiful clothes come from?” The boy gave the woman a long serious look and answered with dignity, “I have two mothers, one in Canada and the other one here, in Terebovlya”. He meant his sponsor in Canada and the field worker in Ukraine.    

You should have seen how thoroughly Vitaliy packed his things when he learned he was going to the summer camp arranged by the Site. Stefania, his field worker, entrusted him with the responsibility of looking out for the younger children in the camp, helping them and phoning her when necessary. He did the job diligently because he couldn’t let his dear 'mother' down. After the school graduation Vitaliy entered a trade school in Ternopil to learn to work with ceramic tiles. During the summer beak he worked on a construction site to practice his acquired skills. He was happy to share his achievement with Stefania.

Last year he completed his education and got married to Halyna. They moved to Ternopil for jobs and live in a hostel. Vitaliy has found a job as a sales person in the shop “Zhyve Pyvo”. He is and always will be grateful to his sponsor, to his field worker and to Chalice for filling up his heart with their love and for making a huge difference in his life. Sponsorship has laid the foundation for making him a happy and balanced person.



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