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Chalice Child Sponsorship in Wa, GhanaThe weather is unpredictable with the average annual rainfall being around 100 cm, almost all of which occurs between May and October. Wa is in many ways an agricultural community and many people make their living in small scale farming. In this region, it is very common for young adults to migrate south. The area is semi-arid and significant water shortages remain a great challenge to development.

Chalice’s Wa Sponsor Site is located in the remote northwest of Ghana. They provide assistance to 11 communities within Lassia Tuolu Parish. The Site assists with the provision of medical care and education, supporting the disadvantaged, poor, and marginalized people of Wa. Education for all children has led to a ripple effect on all other spheres of life. The literacy rate has increased significantly and girls are now receiving formal education, giving them choices which were previously non-existent. Provision of teachers to the Site area remains a significant challenge. Hepatitis B is highly prevalent and the Site is working towards prevention and treatment.

Mission - Wa

The goal of the Chalice Wa Sponsor Site is to provide children with good medical care, in addition to qualitative and quantitative education. The inception of education for all children has led to a ripple effect on all other spheres of life. The literacy rate has increased substantially. Girls are now receiving formal education, giving them choices for their future which were previously non-existent.

Sponsorship in Wa

The Chalice Sponsor Site of Wa, Ghana aims to see that all children receive education, health care, proper nutrition and the basic necessities of life. All sponsored children and their families are enrolled in the National Health Insurance Program. This Insurance is renewed annually and ensures that all registered members receive free medical treatment. Regular visits are made by the field workers to monitor the wellbeing of children and their families. Children attending school are provided with school supplies, uniforms and shoes. Youth in higher grades have their school fees paid, reducing the dropout rate. Hygienic supplies, household items, and food are sent home to the families every quarter. Leadership training, meetings, seminars, workshops, celebrations and cultural festivals are held throughout the year.



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