Project Name: St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School/ Children's Centre - Year 3
Project Location: Kenya
Project Type: Education
Project Code: KNL0417

Background: St. Charles Lwanga Secondary School and Children's Centre began as a place where orphaned, homeless, or abandoned children were rescued from the street.

Project Name: Construct Library and Computer Lab
Project Location: St. Joseph's High School, Kenya
Project Type: Education
Project Code: KMN0115

Background: Our Meru Sponsor Site has 1500 children sponsored over three sub-sites. St. Joseph's High School is located near the Chalice Tumaini sub-site near Meru Town.

Project Name: Water, Sanitation (toilet construction), and Hygiene - India
Project Location: Sponsor Sites (7) - India
Project Type: Health
Project Code: IRR0417

Background: With a population of almost 1.2 billion in India, nearly 600 million people do not have access to toilets.

Project Name: Rikiau Borehole Water System
Project Location: Kangeta, Kenya
Project Type: Water
Project Code: KMR0417

This Chalice Sponsor sub-site in Kangeta is run by the Good Shepherd Sisters. The site believes that every child with an education is a child with a future.

Project Name: Mporokoso Water Project, Zambia
Project Location: Mporokoso, Zambia
Project Type: Water
Project Code: ZKO0417

Background: St. Odilia Special School for the Blind is a sub-site of our Kawambwa Sponsor Site and is located in the Mporokoso District of northern Zambia.

Project Name: Anna Stella School Library/Dining Hall
Project Location: Wa, Ghana
Project Type: Education
Project Code: GWY0916
Background: WA is one of Chalice's older sponsor sites in Africa and is located in northern Ghana. The area is poor and characterized by low soil fertility, erratic rainfall, poor agricultural production, and poor food storage facilities, leading to heavy post-harvest losses.

Project Name: Roof Reconstruction at Horynka School
Project Location: Ternopil, Ukraine
Project Type: Education
Project Code: UTT1216
Background: The Chalice Ternopil Sponsor Site opened in 1998 and is administered by a local foundation, World of Children, with Luba Tsytsyk as Director.

Project Name: Kalimbene Water Project
Project Location: Kangeta, Kenya
Project Type: Water
Project Code: KMK0816

Background: The Kangeta sub-site, opened in 2007, is located in Kangeta Village, Meru County. It is part of the Meru Site, which sponsors a total of 1,433 children.

Chalice Establishes Educational Development Program for children
Project Name: Educational Development Program
Project Location: Champerico, Guatemala
Project Type: Education
Project Code: GLA1116
Background: Our Luis Amigo Sponsor Site in Guatemala is located in the impoverished community of Champerico - there are two sub-sites with a current total of 1,077 Chalice sponsored children.

Chalice Provides Skills Program at Sponsor Site in India
Project Name: Skills @ Chalice
Project Location: India
Project Type: Education
Project Code: IRR0716
Background: In India, the job opportunities are increasing due to the country's consistent economic growth. Many youth and women who are educationally marginalized never get to avail of these opportunities due to lack of skills.

Chalice Hope for my Future Program Helps Educate Children
Project Name: Hope for My Future II
Project Location: Bolivia
Project Type: Education
Project Code: BRL0116

Background: In March 2012 Chalice Latin America and the Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz (BMSC) signed a cooperative agreement to develop and promote activities in the field of post secondary education.



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