Project Name: Skills @ Chalice
Project Location: Various sites, India
Project Type: Education
Project Code: IRR1217

Background: In India, consistent economic growth has resulted in an increase in job opportunities. Sadly, many educationally marginalized youth and women never get to avail of these opportunities due to a lack of employable skills.

Project Name: School Support & Family Development Program
Project Location: Peru
Project Type: Education/ Community Development
Project Code: PCC1216

Background: In Peru the gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. In urban areas 20% of the population lives in poverty; in rural areas the poverty level is 54%.

Project Name: Kenya and Tanzania School Farming Project
Project Location: Various sites in Kenya and Tanzania
Project Type: Education, Nutrition, and Community Development
Project Code: KTR0917

Background: Kenya and Tanzania are agricultural-based economies, with about 75-80% of the population relying on agriculture for a living.

Chalice Community Projects - Community Hall and Site Office, Ghana
Project Name: Community Hall and Site Office
Project Location: Wa (SFD), Upper West Region of Ghana
Project Type: Education/ Community Improvement
Project Code: GWD1216

Background: The Chalice sponsor site of Wa (SFD) is run by Serve the Child Centre, a Catholic based humanitarian organization in the Upper West Region of Ghana.

Project Name: School Support Program
Project Location: Cochabamba, Bolivia
Project Type: Education
Project Code: BPP0517B

Background: Cochabamba is the fourth largest city in Bolivia, with a population of just over one million people.

Project Name: WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene)
Project Location: Sponsor Sites (Seven) - India
Project Type: Health
Project Code: IRR0417

Background: With a population of almost 1.2 billion in India, nearly 600 million people do not have access to proper toilets.

Chalice Hope for my Future Program Helps Educate Children
Project Name: Hope for My Future II
Project Location: Bolivia
Project Type: Education
Project Code: BRL0116

Background: In March 2012 Chalice Latin America and the Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz (BMSC) signed a cooperative agreement to develop and promote activities in the field of post secondary education.



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