Project Name: Educational Development Program
Project Location: Champerico, Guatemala
Project Type: Education
Project Code: GLA1116
Background: Our Luis Amigo Sponsor Site in Guatemala is located in the impoverished community of Champerico - there are two sub-sites with a current total of 1,077 Chalice sponsored children.
Chalice helping children in Guatemala get a good educationThe Capuchin Sisters run the site. 47% of the people live in poverty with annual family incomes of $785 while another 6% live in extreme poverty with annual incomes of $348. It is estimated that 60% of households do not have a father figure. Crime is a very serious problem.

There is access to education, however completion rates drop off dramatically at the High School, Vocational and University levels due to the fact that there are fewer schools and access can be restricted due to distance and cost. The quality of education varies. There are state run schools and private schools which charge fees. Available statistics indicate an illiteracy rate of 24% on average (27% among women) but in reality it is much greater since those who can write their name are classed as literate even if in practice they cannot read or write.

Many students who do show promise never make it to the higher levels, some beause of cost while others struggle to achieve required grades and are unable to get the help they need at home as the parents lack the education. This program has been developed to provide support to young people of limited resources who are enrolled in primary school, high school, or pursuing advanced high school and post secondary studies. Assistance will be provided by means of after school tutoring support, coaching and mentoring and financial assistance for those in advanced high school or post secondary education. It is a small step but an important one in opening up opportunities for some of the many who do not have the opportunity to move forward and make a better life for themselves and hopefully help others.

Project Objectives: A total of 44 students will benefit from the program for the three year period. Four students will be provided with financial assistance - two to attend university and two to attend a private high school (no local high school in their area) for a three year period. Candidates for these scholarships must have demonstrated excellent academic performance and there will be equal opportunity for both males and females. There is a detailed process that will be followed in selecting and supporting the students during this period. In addition the services of a tutor will be contracted to provide some extra help monthly for these students as well as 20 other high school students to help enhance their academic success. This same teacher will provide weekly support to 20 primary school students, carefully selected based on need, whose academic performance requires improvement and such support is unavailable at home. The total cost for this program is $32,443.

Budget in Canadian Funds: $32,443

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