About Saidia

Chalice sponsor a child in Saidia, KenyaSaidia is in the semi-arid area of the Rift Valley. The people are mainly small scale farmers. Until recently, formal education took a back seat to farming. Children who depend on the Site for food, education, and health care are from either an impoverished family or orphans.

Saidia Sponsor Site is in Gilgil, a town near Nakuru, the fourth largest town in Kenya. The Site deals with a transient population and those who have been displaced internally within Kenya. Keeping children in school is a priority as it greatly reduces the number of street children in Gilgil, especially from the Bondeni slum area. All sponsored children have a baseline pediatric assessment done, including general health, eye and dental checkups. All sponsored children attend school. Social workers work with parents/guardians to ensure school books, school bags, shoes, and fees are provided. Sponsored families receive training and education as part of the Direct Family Funding (DFF) Program. This has enabled families to improve their quality of life and some have even moved out of the slums to slightly better areas within the town.

Mission - Saidia

The Saidia Chalice Sponsor Site focuses on providing care for those living in the slums as well as Kiambogo, a remote hillside community. The Site also provides care to orphans living in Saidia, some of whom are living with HIV. Many of the children in this Site are older and have not attended school regularly due to lack of funds, disease, ignorance, or other social problems.

Sponsorship in Saidia

Chalice Sponsorship provides benefits through Direct Family Funding in Saidia. Regular dental, eye, and medical exams are given. Parents/guardians belong to Faith Circles and meet monthly for micro-finance and adult literacy classes, and training in parenting and care of children. The Faith Circles are also developing small businesses and securing a source of healthy nutritious food for their families through eRoots.

About Rafiki Ogwedhi

The Rafiki Ogwedhi Sponsor Site is in the villages around Asembo in Kenya's Nyanza province which lies on Lake Victoria. The main challenges are: high prevalence of HIV, high level of poverty, lack of money to help develop the natural resources, high rate of school dropouts, close proximity to the lake (danger of water-borne diseases), low technological knowledge, gender imbalance in development, youth unemployment and poor crop production due to insufficient, unreliable rainfall and exhausted soil.

The Rafiki Ogwedhi Site is committed to excellent and compassionate care to sponsored families at Rafiki Wa Maendeleo Trust (RWMT). Their goals are to eradicate poverty, develop children in a holistic way, empower the community both socially and economically, and build a healthy, disease-free, productive population. The education of children is considered the most important investment, as it secures their future. The Site has introduced the Agriculture Project where sponsored families are introduced to good farming methods through community-run resource centres and work with groups to promote sustainable small scale agri-businesses.

Mission - Rafiki Ogwedhi

The mission of the Chalice Rafiki Ogwedi Sponsor Site is to empower communities and build their capacities to create positive change for children and youth within their community.

Sponsorship in Rafiki Ogwedhi

Chalice sponsored children receive school fees and uniforms which has greatly reduced school dropout rates, early marriages, child abuse and child labour. It has also improved academic performance. Field workers regularly visit schools and meet with teachers and children to monitor their progress. In addition to a nutritional good practice and awareness program, children who are either affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS have been put on a systematic nutritional follow-up initiative. Liaising with the local Nutritional Department to determine healthy and balanced foods has improved health, increased immunity and boosted the medical response to anti-retroviral drugs/therapy for these children.
From Sponsored Child to Nurse: Chalice Helps Philip Pursue His Dream

philip1My name is Philip. I come from an East African country called Kenya and I’m a beneficiary of the financial generosity and sponsorship of Chalice. I attended Starehe Boys Center and School in Kenya's capital, Nairobi from 2004 to 2007. Throughout this period, my tuition fees, accommodation and other expenses were taken care of by my very special sponsor Elizabeth. I cannot thank her enough for her generosity. Every day I pray that the Lord continues to bless her abundantly.

I am sure she will be glad to know that through her generosity, I graduated from high school and was admitted to the best university in Kenya to pursue a bachelor's degree in Nursing. I completed the four year degree course and I am currently employed by the Ministry of Health in Kenya. I work in the arid areas of Northern Kenya among the displaced Somali community as a nurse.

philipIn the future, I plan on sponsoring a child and/or build a children's home where the less fortunate will find refuge. The late Dr. William Griffin used to tell us that to whom much has been given, much is expected. I pray that I will fulfil this dream that I have.

After high school I lost contact with Elizabeth but my hope is that through God’s divine mercy this letter will find a way to her so that she knows how grateful I am. Also on behalf of all other direct and indirect beneficiaries of CHALICE, I am very much thankful for the work that you do around the world especially in developing countries.

To Elizabeth: We may never meet physically but your generosity has helped shape the course of my life. I cannot thank you enough for your support. May God bless you and your family beyond measure. You are truly heaven sent.

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About Nairobi

Chalice sponsor a child in Nairobi, KenyaNairobi is the capital city of Kenya and a major economic hub for East and Central Africa. It is home to the African headquarters of the United Nations, World Bank, and other large international organizations. There is extreme poverty, in slums like Kibera, alongside vast wealth. It is in this setting that Starehe seeks to bridge the gap between these two worlds through quality education and leadership.

The Chalice Nairobi Sponsor Site is comprise of the Starehe Girls' (STG) School.  At Starehe, girls who come from poor families throughout Kenya are given the opportunity to study towards a university education alongside those of more privileged backgrounds. A place at Starehe is granted to students who have placed well in their primary leaving examinations. The Sponsorship Program benefits students whose families cannot afford to send them to secondary school. Help is given with boarding costs and educational materials, and most of the students who graduate from Starehe Schools go on to university.

Mission - Nairobi

Through Chalice sponsorship, the Starehe Schools, as centres for bright needy girls, aims at offering homey support and a holistic education founded on strong principles of discipline, character formation and leadership development.

Sponsorship in Nairobi

A daily balanced diet is provided to all sponsored children in the Chalice Sponsor Site of Nairobi. Chalice provided chicken and cows to the school farm where the students learn about agriculture and environmental sustainability. The eggs provide a much needed source of protein and the cows produce milk for breakfast. Some milk is also used by those who have been prescribed a special diet. Students receive a well rounded education, including: Voluntary Service, St. John Ambulance First Aid, Scouting, Guides, sports, music (featuring traditional African as well as western choral music), Starehe Band, Mombasa Camp (students are taken to the sea coast, taught to swim, explore the sea, and enjoy games), as well as our School Exchange Program with Armbrae Academy in Halifax, Nova Scotia, via Skype and letters.

About Mombasa ...

Sponsor a Child with Chalice in Mombasa, KenyaChalice Sponsor Site of Mombasa, KenyaThe Chalice Sponsor Site of Mombasa is situated in the slum areas on the outskirts of this coastal city. Mombasa is Kenya’s biggest port and a gateway to East & Central Africa. The slums are also home to the city’s poorest people. The population of over 300,000 people is made up of mostly impoverished families living from hand to mouth, unable to provide for their children’s basic human needs. They have migrated from rural areas seeking work at the port, oil refinery, large scale factories, and heavy industries. Poverty and disease are rampant in these very crowded slums with children being the number one victims.

The Chalice Mombasa Sponsor Site was established in 2001 and is run by Our Lady of Charity (OLC) Sisters, a Kenyan congregation. They strive to assist families that are living in extremely difficult slums of Mombasa. Their slogan, “Give portions unto whom nothing is prepared.”, is lived everyday. The parents and guardians of sponsored children meet at the Site monthly for micro-finance and financial literacy training. Adult education sessions on good hygiene practices, sanitation, nutrition, and parenting are also provided. The Site works with the parent Faith Circles to promote livelihood improvement through small business development.

Mission - Mombasa

The Chalice Sponsor Site in Mombasa, Kenya strives to assist families that are in extremely difficult situations. The area it covers includes the slums of Kalahari, Dunga Unuse, Kipevu, Mworoto and Bangladesh. The focus is on orphans, vulnerable children, widows, single parent families and those that have been infected or affected by HIV/AIDS. The centre includes a computer training school, a primary school, a health clinic and a feeding program. Parents and guardians of the sponsored children meet at the center for various activities.

Sponsorship in Mombasa

The Chalice Sponsor Site of Mombasa, Kenya provides sponsorship benefits directly to the mother or primary guardian of each sponsored child through Direct Family Funding (DFF). Every three months, social workers meet with the parents/guardians to help plan family expenses and ensure the child is receiving good care and attending school. The Site works with schools to improve their learning environment and ensure proper nutrition.

About Mikinduri ...

Chalice sponsored children in Mikinduri, KenyaMikinduri town is about five miles from the Equator with an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet. With the recent twinning of the highway to Meru, Mikinduri now has easy access to the commercial capital of northern and eastern regions. School drop-out and drug abuse rates amongst youth are high. The land is fertile but low adult literacy remains a large challenge to the development of this area. Medical issues including high rates of epilepsy, physical disabilities, and mental illness also present major challenges.

The Chalice Sponsor Site in Mikinduri, Kenya was established in 2008. Due to malaria, typhoid, and the HIV/Aids pandemic, many parents are deceased, leaving the very old to care for the very young. Sponsored children and parent groups, called Faith Circles, meet every Saturday for feeding and tuition programmes, and other creative and learning activities. A nutritionist monitors the community and provides training in food preparation, dietary requirements, and sanitation. Monthly meetings are held to determine the requirements and plans of action for the Site. Parents/guardians receive training on health, hygiene, and early childhood stimulation, recognizing the individual's physical, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Mission - Mikinduri

At the Chalice Sponsor Site of Mikinduri Fr. Bernard and his staff work diligently to bring forth change in the lives of the children and their families. It is felt that education lifts the limitations brought on by ignorance and poverty. It is the goal of the site to change the lives of people in this area, as they are taught to be self-reliant and productive.

Sponsorship in Mikinduri

Primary education is free in Kenya, but for most families, the cost of uniforms and supplies is crippling. Through the DFF Sponsorship Program these needs, as well as other needs of the family, are met. Children are provided with a noon meal at school. Some of the important projects at the Site include: adult literacy classes, health workshops, and Community Parent Groups (Faith Circles) that teach farming methods to improve food security. This Site uses the Direct Family Funding (DFF) model which provides each family direct access to their ponsorship funds. Everyone involved in DFF receives training in financial literacy and management in order to empower them to improve their situations.

About Meru

Sponsor a Child with Chalice in Meru, KenyaMeru is a town very near the equator at an altitude of approximately 5,000 feet. It is the commercial capital of northern and eastern regions and Kenya’s sixth largest urban centre. Both school drop-out and drug abuse rates amongst youth are high. Meru Sub-Site provides help to those in need of extra educational assistance. Group programming provides youths and adults with a place for learning and playing games, music, and activities aimed at promoting their growth, keeping them safe and away from harmful influences.

The Chalice Meru Sponsor Site has been run by the Good Shepherd Sisters since June 1999. The Site currently operates in three towns, Meru (KJE), Kangeta (KGS), and Itimene (TUM). Most children live at home with their parents. Through eRoots and Chalice micro-finance, parents and guardians are developing skills and their livelihoods are improving.

Mission - Meru

The mission of the Sisters is aimed towards women and children who are wounded by life's circumstances, injustices, oppression, and living on the edge of society. Kenyan culture is strongly male dominated; only 1% of women own land and their education is not encouraged. The Chalice Sponsor Site of Meru believes that every child with an education is a child with a future. It is their hope that all sponsored children be educated, self-reliant members of society, going forth with the dignity and self-confidence only knowledge brings.

Sponsorship in Meru

Primary education is free in Kenya, but to most families, the cost of maintenance fees, uniforms and supplies is crippling. Through the Chalice Direct Family Funding (DFF) Sponsorship Program, these needs are met, as well as those of the family. The children are provided with a noon meal and additional food supplies are sent home. Parents and siblings receive medical care under the Programme to offset the burden this type of expense would be. Blankets and other needed items are given to the children each year at Christmas.

About Mercy Care ...

Sponsor a Child with Chalice in Mercy Care Site in KenyaThe Chalice Mercy Care Sponsor Site is located in the remote village of Kamuwengo, Mwingi District, a semi-arid region. This area has been plagued with droughts. Since there are no permanent rivers, famine is rampant in this area and lack of a reliable water supply prevents the successful growth of crops and healthy livestock. The government and church have tried to set up feeding programs for the people, but have not been successful. Nearly 99% of the population live in extreme poverty and lead their life according to tribal customs and traditions. Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and typhoid are very common.

Mercy Care Sponsor Site was established in March 2006 under the direction of the Franciscan Clarist Sisters of India. Since then, the Sisters have built a dispensary and primary boarding school. A major goal of the Site is the proper nutrition for the people of this area. The sponsored children range in age from four to fourteen years. Many are orphaned, abandoned, or from broken homes. Through agricultural interventions, the Site continues to mobilize the community and is improving the quality of life for sponsored families.

Mission - Mercy Care

The mission of the Chalice Mercy Care Sponsor Site is to uplift the physical, spiritual, educational and social levels of the poor and needy.

Sponsorship in Mercy Care

At the Chalice Sponsor Site of Mercy Care, Kenya, the students of St. Francis Catholic School have their school fees paid and are fed daily through the school nutrition program. The families of students attending public schools receive food items directly. All children attend school from nursery to Standard VIII. It is the goal of the Site’s Sponsorship Program to have all children attend school and graduate with good marks to further their education to secondary school. Many students miss time due to illness; therefore the Site also provides medical assistance to the “out stations” through a mobile clinic.

About Baraka

Nanyuki is a market town in the Central-East Rift Valley region of Kenya lying northwest of Mt. Kenya. It is situated along the equator, in the centre of the nation, at an elevation of 1,947m above sea level. Founded by British settlers during the early days of colonial Kenya in 1907, some of their descendants still live in the area. Today, Nanyuki is multicultural and the market centre for farms, ranches, game parks, and wildlife conservancies in the region. The people here are burdened with unreliable rainfall, crop pests and diseases. HIV/AIDS and malaria are also very common.

Baraka means 'blessing' in the Kiswahili language. The Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) Brothers manage this Chalice Sponsor Site where educational programmes are given priority. The Site runs programmes to empower women, men, and youth in the community. The Baraka Youth Association works to engage youth and men and there are 16 micro-financing groups which enable women to invest in small business, fulfil their families’ immediate needs and act quickly in emergencies. The Agricultural Programs organized by Chalice are a huge boost for everyone. The farm-input seminars and assistance given in the form of fertilizer and seeds are promoting greater food security in the region.

Mission - Baraka

In the Chalice Sponsor Site of Baraka, dedicated efforts are taken to improve the educational standard of children and develop a healthy community. There is a focus on imparting moral and religious values through sharing Jesus.

Sponsorship in Baraka

Baraka works to establish and maintain a Sponsor Site that responds to the needs of people struggling with the effects of poverty, in particular, the lack of basic education, nutrition, clothing, housing, and health. Social Workers mobilize the community to work together. Common initiatives are taken up by their mission and values. The Chalice Sponsor Site of Baraka works to build a unified community that respects and honours the traditions of all tribes and fosters peace and understanding.



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